Hardwood floor Refinishing

How do I even begin my renovation project?

So you decided you want to refinish your hardwood floors as a part of your home renovation, this will be a project that should be done in different stages.What to do first? First you will need to do a research on the local companies, refinishing your floors is not a task that you can DIY even professionals that have been working decades with hardwood floors can sometimes get it wrong, imagine a simple mortal as you. Asking friends and family for references is the most easy way but in case no one that you know has refinish their Hardwood Floors in the past you have as always google and websites that are dedicated to get reviews for local business make sure the reviews are are good check if they are licensed and insured  that is a most! A reputable company will have a website showcasing their past jobs. Once you find the companies that you would like to hire give them a call to and ask for estimates most of them will be able to give you a price if you send them pictures, that will make it easier for you funnel down the ones that are closer to your budget always ask for the brands of materials they use remember that good products and quality craftsmanship is not cheap, you will get what you paid for.

Once you narrow down and have a couple of companies that have price and quality ask them for an on-site estimate if you want to meet them and get to know the crew in person.

If in  New Jersey ( https://wixflooring.com/ )  hardwood floor refinishing   may be an option check them out.

If you decide to do the paint by yourself you are done, but if instead you can afford to hire a paint company I would recommend doing the same research for local companies, depending on where you are prices vary and depend on many factors like area where you live, details, materials you want and design. If hiring a top-notch company be ready to pay for it and ofcourse get great renovation results. Here is one painting company I Iike in NJ Even when you are not doing it yourself the renovation will keep you busy, picking colors coordinating  the crew ect believe me.

How to prepare and what to Expect.

Alright now that you have picked the companies that will work for you, and schedule a starting date. You will have to start by removing all furniture from the areas that will be treated, that will required some help from friends lol, and in case you don’t have space to storage your furniture, you can hire pods.com  or even rent a truck and park it in front of your house while everything is done typically refinishing the hardwood floors will take maximum 3 days most companies use water based products,  the drying time is shorter and you will be able to bring your furniture back in no time. For the paint is much easier just cover everything with plastic or old sheets, be careful and ask the painters to protect your floors. You don’t want paint on them!

Flooring crew will arrive and start working right away be sure to have all ready for them, and plan to stay out of the floors while they work if possible leave the house there will be dust and the smell of the stain is absolutely terrible, they use special masks so they don’t get fumes into their bodies depending on the size of your project they will apply stain the same day and be back the next to apply the polyurethane, make sure you ask this when interviewing them, and don’t get someone that will sand and stain and leave you waiting for 3 days, everything must be done at once. After they finish they will advise on when you will be able to move your furniture back usually is a day or two, time to call those friends to help unload your stuff be very careful again not to scratch the freshly done beautiful floors.  You will be ready then to bring the painters in  for the final  part of your renovation ask them to retouch the baseboards  the flooring guys  might have slept some stain  or poly on them.